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 Battlegrounds/War vets

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PostSubject: Battlegrounds/War vets   23/03/10, 07:08 am

ok here we go:
battle grounds will be available for lvl 90+, reward is exp( alot ) when u kill the mobs, other party or destroy their base. If u played 12sky then this musst be kinda similar to u. There will be different battle grounds depending on ur lvl: lvl 90-104, 105-119, 120-134 and 135-150.
When u join battle there will be 2 parties, urs and the enemy's pt ( each with 6 ppl max )
Ur task is to destroy all the enemy's bases ( there r totally 11 of em ).
After battles end u also will get some points rewarded( these points used to exchange violet items, those r set items, if u got all 3 parts there will be extra bonus ). The points r like followed: 80 points for winning, 30 points for a draw and still 10 points if u lose

Things to keep in mind.

* EXP is more than if you were to just go out and grind. With Double EXP on , I got 13% in the first 20 minutes of BG when I was level 118.
* Turrets give mad exp. The EXP from killing the Base is like sex.
* Turn on Double EXP and solo BG and you might find that it's better than leveling up by botting. @_@
* The Base hits harder than anything else in BG. BRING POTS.
* In the level 90 BG Pets are bugged. You have to unsummon and resummon your pet while standing right next to the turrets to get them to actually start attacking the turrets. Otherwise they are going to sit there like a lame duck.
* You can trade to npcs, by the medic, Earthprime Beads for neat BG-only scrolls.
* You are timed.
* If you get the highest number of kills (even if it's just one kill) in BG AND you win the BG you get a total of 130 Courage on completion instead of the normal 80 for winning.
* There is a cooldown before you can enter a BG after you start. The trick is to remember what time you entered the BG. 30 minutes after you start is when you can enter the next BG. Let's say your BG lasts 10 minutes. You have to wait 20 minutes before you can do it again.
* NO EXP LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Battlegrounds/War vets
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