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 Fishing yay!!

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PostSubject: Fishing yay!!   23/03/10, 07:06 am

ok here we go:
battle grounds will be available for lvl 90+, reward is exp( alot ) when u kill the mobs, other party or destroy their base. If u played 12sky then this musst be kinda similar to u. There will be different battle grounds depending on ur lvl: lvl 90-104, 105-119, 120-134 and 135-150.
When u join battle there will be 2 parties, urs and the enemy's pt ( each with 6 ppl max )
Ur task is to destroy all the enemy's bases ( there r totally 11 of em ).
After battles end u also will get some points rewarded( these points used to exchange violet items, those r set items, if u got all 3 parts there will be extra bonus ). The points r like followed: 80 points for winning, 30 points for a draw and still 10 points if u lose
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Fishing yay!!
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