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 EXP quest [a.k.a taichi pills or money quest]

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PostSubject: EXP quest [a.k.a taichi pills or money quest]   15/09/09, 12:13 am

This is a combination of Seras' work she did this guides for all of u hope u enjoy it and helps a lot

1st quest ===> Alliance Career [worth 40 taichi pills]

This quest comes from the Alliance Master in SS. It has a cost of 20g u must pay to do this quest. The reward is 40taichi pills=exp. There r three parts to this quest
1st Get Water- walk around fountainhead hallows in sunstream (-31, 458) a box will pop sayin u have gotten the water.
return to the alln master
2nd Quality Stone- collect 10 quality stones (-356, -293)
return to the alln master
3rd Lacquer Tree Sap- kill Brigands to get the sap (0, 250)
return to alln master
ta da ur finished!!

2nd quest ==> Valuable Pills [worth 40 taichi pills]

This is a 40 taichi pills=exp quest. You speak w the craftsman in sunstream and pay 20g to do the quest. This quest is timed u have the scissors for 20 mins only. You must go to Mount Kindling area to collect the dandia herbs. You need three complete ones to finish the quest. Some will break so try n get as many as u can quickly as u can. Here are several of the coords for the herb.
-374 -300
-371 -318
-406 -336
-415 -352
get three complete herbs and return to the craftsman to turn it in. And yay a bit of exp =P

3rd Quest ==> The fumes [worth 5 taichi pills no payment req]

Ok there is a NPC in sunstream realm14(only) Mr Mundor. Once a day u can get a quest from him to collect 5 ghosts (idk what they r called rly but is what they look like when u get em remind me of pac man lmao) from the boxes placed throughout the maps. Before u may obtain the containers for releasin the boxes u must first do the quest named Mr Mundor. This will give u the item to start one of the Fume quests. Ther r four kinds of fume quests sin, filth, guilt, n calamity. Fume of Sin
102, 116
138, -94
132, 272
127, 19
-122, -216

Flume of Filth
-251, 183
-296, 71
-412, 47
-358, 274
-181, 404
-331, 364
32, -241

Fume of Guilt
-35, 74
-176, 93

Fume of Calamity
282, -112
-336, 310
-149, 228
-273, 137
-5, 138
388, -47

I usually pick one spot n realm hop rite there hehe til i get em all 5. But u can go find 5 diff chests if u wanna do it that way =P. When u complete the 5 "ghosts" return to Mr Mundor in sunstream realm14 to turn it in u get 5 taichi pills as a reward.

4th Quest ==> The Precious a.k.a The Treasure [Worth 30 taichi pills]

This is a taichi quest. It cost 15g to do the quest. The reward is 30 taichi pills=exp. You can start the quest w Isamu in sunstream. There r two parts to this quest.
1st Jadeon map (-380, 140) stand by the rocks the quest will pop up sayin u have been tricked. You go back n talk to Isamu again he will send u to the metaphysician in Jadeon.
2nd talk to the metaphysician in Jadeon u have to kill 18 monkey phantasms.
=) quick easy exp if ur willin to pay for it.

That all for now guys we will add more soon ^^ enjoy

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EXP quest [a.k.a taichi pills or money quest]
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