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 Master and Disciple

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PostSubject: Master and Disciple   29/08/09, 04:37 pm

The Master and Disciple thing is actually pretty interesting, if not tedious at the same time. Basically how it works is both the Master and Disciple go and do a daily quest (given by Tao in Sunstream) that has 4 steps. These quests give tons of xp and a bunch of items for the Disciple only (off the top of my head, I remember my disciple getting 70 taichi pills and 10 bundled yellow pills).

After the 4 quests are complete, the Master gets 50 expertise points, which can either be saved up so that the Master can accept more Disciples, or the Master can spend the expertise points to get skills for both him/her and his/her disciple. Most of these skills range from free hp/sp (and free pots) to taking less damage and cost no spirit to use. The first rank of each skill costs 25 expertise, and goes up by 25 for each rank after (ie rank 2 costs 50).

The tedious part comes when you only get 50 expertise for the chain. Since you can only do it once per day, and the quests take a while, 50 is pretty lackluster and it would take a while to get anything.

There are diff variations for this quest u will get one of them then kill a boss get another one of them and finally kill the last boss. The second and fourth part of the quest is always the same. However the first and third part seems to change when it feels like it lol. The coords for each is as follows:
Second quest part 1st boss Abysmal Lands: -404,-42
Fourth quest part 2nd boss Inc Valley: -266, 347
as for the others-
Zarras Temple: -441,-431
Lake Hoten: 85,-249
Balde Manor: 338,226
Hall of Founder: 210,439
these are all located in Jadeon map.

once u reach 350 expertise pts u can have a second disciple. this is all the info i currently have as i learn more i will add to this. ty gl gg gd hf n tc =)
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Master and Disciple
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