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 Crafting materials/ Crafting Request

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PostSubject: Crafting materials/ Crafting Request   25/07/09, 04:54 pm

Well guys this is a thread made for all of u guys who need some help to know what items are need for crafting so i took a time to let u all know what u need. Ths is a big listof what materials i will be needing for crafitng and also the money Fee it cost me to do them since i wont be charging for crafting. Reminder for all those who might forget Main materials are important and if u dont bring them i wont craft as simple as that so dont forget.Also the number of craft i will do depends as well in how much of those normal materials i specify below u will bring ok Smile.

lvl1= lvl 15 [buy at npc tailor or blacksmith]
lvl2 =lvl 30 [buy at npc tailor or blacksmith]

lvl 3 =lvl 45 weapons and armor

Materials :

-->Copper Block
-->Coarse Cloth
-->White Yarn
-->Rough Hide
-->Flame Copper
-->Flax Cloth
-->Fragrant Yarn
-->Fine Skin

Main Materials :

Vim-->Carcadecay Rock
Lupin-->Waterwave Willow
Jadeon-->Spirit Fox Saliva
Skysong-->Calming Bead
Modo-->Wild Bone
**Main materials can be grind at lvl 40-54**

lvl4 =lvl 60 weapon and armor

Materials :

-->Refined Iron
-->Violet Silk
-->Soft Hide
-->Striped Cloth
-->Flame Copper
-->Fine Skin
-->Fragrant Yarn
-->Flax Cloth

Main Materials :

Vim-->Soulbreaker Stone
Lupin-->Fireborn Wood
Jadeon-->Sharkale Tear
Skysong-->Evilchopper Bead
Modo-->Suffering Bone
**Main Materials can be grind lvl 55-68**

lvl5 = lvl 75 weapon and armor

Materials :

-->Copper Block
-->Coarse Cloth
-->White Yarn
-->Rough Hide
-->Refined Iron
-->Striped Cloth
-->Violet Silk
-->Soft Hide

Main Materials :

Vim-->Bloodbite Sand
Lupin-->Gentla Seed
Jadeon-->Glacial Ice
Skysong-->Demontaming Bead
Modo-->Abandoned Corpse
**Main Materials can be grind lvl 69-84**

lvl6 =lvl 90

Materials :

-->Flame Copper
-->Flax Cloth
-->Fine Skin
-->Fragrant Yarn
-->Icy Iron
-->Tough Hide
-->Cloudale Silk
-->Holestia Cloth

Main Materials :

Vim-->Devilon Eye
Lupin-->Phoenix Wood
Jadeon-->Celedragon Water
Skysong-->Violet Statue
Modo-->Starved Body
**Main Materials can be grind lvl 85-100**

Now where to find this materials Very Happy

Materials Low lvl :

==>Copper Block
==>Coarse Cloth
==>White Yarn
==>Rough Hide

**Can be gotten at lvl 1-25**

Material low-middle lvl :

==>Flame Copper
==>Flax Cloth
==>Fragrant Yarn
==>Fine Skin

**Can be gotten at lvl 26-53**

Material Middle lvl :

==>Refined Iron
==>Violet Silk
==>Soft Hide
==>Striped Cloth

**Can be gotten at lvl 54-82**

Material Middle-High lvl :

==>Icy Iron
==>Holestia Cloth
==>Tough Hide
==>Cloudale Silk

**Can be gotten at lvl 83- unknown by me Razz**

Well guys here is the list the items u need as well if u wanna thnx me or show some appreciation <=== need a lot of materials and recipes to keep on craftig Very Happy so if u get any and u wish to donate it i will gladly take it Smile.Reminder again guys bring ur main materials i dont have those since im high so u will have to get ur own thnx again and have fun next class will be how to start the crafting by ur own i hope this helps in gathering the materials needed. Cool Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: lvl 45 vim gear   26/07/09, 12:39 pm

i have 20 of the main mats for the weapons i just need to know what other mats you need and how much it will cost!
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Crafting materials/ Crafting Request
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