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 Nation's Treasury aka Treasure hunt

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PostSubject: Nation's Treasury aka Treasure hunt   22/07/09, 10:24 am

Okay, so here's how it works to complete this quest after you get it from the Sky Dweller:

1) You kill the 10 vanguard thingys.
2) Get the Treasure map from the Sky Dweller (Secret in the Treasure map quest, requires 30 inventory spots).
3) Buy a Treasure Hunting Charm from the Sky Dweller.
4) You need to make sure you have at least 6 open slots in your inventory
5) Assemble the map VERY CAREFULLY Some pieces of the map look like they can fit in different places, such as the gap between the mountions on the bottom left corner. It really helps to use the map of the area to assemble the map(i.e. Go to the Billows and use the map to assemble the map). IF IT IS NOT PROPERLY ASSEMBLED THE QUEST DOES NOT WORK.
6) Go stand on one of the X's on the map. The quest fails after acouple seconds if you are not EXACTLY on the X! Just take your time and postition yourself exactly where the X is.
7) Activate the treasure hunting charm
Cool The quest gives you 12 seconds to stand directly on the x, then a box pops up saying you finished the quest. (note: Sometimes the box pops up when you run over the area that you are supposed to stand on and run past it, then, when you click to finish it, it doesnt register, so you wont get anything and freak out like I did. In this case, just retrace your steps and hold still. Hopefully the box pops up.)
9)You get a Gold Leaf and some sort of treasure box that you can turn in to the Sky Dweller for your choice of: EXP, Honor, Rare Item, Piety, and some other stuff I can't remember. Sometimes, you dont get the treasure Box, just a Gold leaf worth 1 G. I beleive that once 5 people complete the quest, it moves to a different area, and is reset so you can get the box again.

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PostSubject: Cool   22/07/09, 01:09 pm

nice i waz so pissed i couldnt finish this cause my inventory 2 small No
but good guide bro


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PostSubject: Re: Nation's Treasury aka Treasure hunt   22/07/09, 02:53 pm

Here guys i made the 1sg puzzle map for u guys so u dont break the head doing lol. 1st puzzle is in billows and here is the piece map u will be using

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PostSubject: Re: Nation's Treasury aka Treasure hunt   

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Nation's Treasury aka Treasure hunt
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