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 Psalms A Little About Us

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PostSubject: Psalms A Little About Us   15/09/10, 06:47 pm

Allow me first to introduce myself I am a old goat lol! (want to know my age ask in game) that has enjoyed gaming since the days of "Pong". Out of all the MMO's I think Iv'e played Wow the longest 5 yrs now and srill going. I am currently a GM of a lrg Horde guild in Wow"The Narrow Path" and have served as a officer in Narrow Path as almost as long as I've played Wow.

Anyhow enough about me let me tell you a little about Psalms. All currnet members execpt one are members of my guild in Wow and our newest member Pelch still trying to learn a little about her. We are all Christains and when we came to JD we decided to make our own Christain Clan. We however will accept anyone in our Clan that can follow some basic rules for we don't want to seem err "racsists" as some on JD forums had called us. We came to JD hoping to find others that shared the same ideals as we that's all. We are all older adult men except one and not quite sure about Pelch. Oh and yes we are all "noobs" to the game but have learned allot since we have started playing.

We are thankful to be in this alliance as many are very helpful when asked and Seras has been exteremly helpful and for that I am very grateful. We hope we can help people along the way and if anyone needs help with anything just give one of us a buzz.

God Bless
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Psalms A Little About Us
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