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 Ten Heralds of the Underworld

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PostSubject: Ten Heralds of the Underworld   13/08/10, 09:29 pm

First Herald


"Jadeon" 134 -41(40)
Quest Stats

Level: 15+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

The Palace of the Underworld... Could it have been just a dream?
- What did you dream of?
The other day, I seemed to arrive at the Palace of the Underworld in a daze. The heralds there told me that the world was in turmoil due to the Yashos' invasion, thus affecting the reincarnation of the dead. He asked me to look for determined warriors in the world to kill monsters and demons, so as to uphold justice.
- What a strange dream!
We students shouldn't be influenced by dreams, but this dream was too real and it's appeared time and again. Elder Yang of Jadeon is good at interpreting dreams, maybe he can help me. Would you please help me to ask him what the dream means?
- Of course. (Start Quest)
- Dreams are nonsense. Forget it. (End dialog)

Second Herald


"Jadeon" -367 387(58)
Require quests

Ten Heralds of Underworld ⑴
Quest Stats

Level: 19+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Devi asked me to convey his words to you.
- OK.
He said that he received new orders from the Heralds of the Underworld. They have charged you with another task. Are you willing to undertake it?
- Of course.
This time is Lord Chukang, the second Herald. His major charge is the Icy Hell. People in that place suffer there because of great evils they committed in their lifetime. Their punishment is in equal measure to the evil they did in life. Many Snoutnose Raiders have caused much pain, and Chukang is far too outraged with their evils to wait for them to die naturally. Wipe them out.
- Accept(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

Third Herald


"Jadeon" 134 -41(40)
Require quests

Ten Heralds of Underworld (2)
Quest Stats

Level: 23+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

I met with the Herald of the Underworld in my dreams again.
- What did he say?
He said your previous two feats are already recorded in the Book of Life and Death. Your good deeds will be rewarded one day. With so many Yasho in this world, however, the job is never over.
- I'm ready. Tell me now.
Good. This time it is the third Herald, Lord Sungteh. His main charge is the Darkrope Hell.
- Lord Sungteh? Darkrope Hell?
Lord Sungteh is kind and pure at heart and detests evil. He never forgives those that have committed evil. He punishes them in his Darkrope Hell. The people there are bound by darkrope and burnt by scalding flames that never extinguish.
- What kind of Yasho must be taken into such hell?
The Sinful Blade Slaves and Swiftedge Spirits, of course. Please go to eliminate them now.
- Accept(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

Fourth Herald


"Jadeon" -297 -125(66)
Require quests

Ten Heralds of Underworld (3)
Quest Stats

Level: 27+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

That's strange. Where have the once-rampant Zaaras Spellbinders disappeared to recently?
- What's happening?
There is much essence in Abyssal Lands. Those Zaaras Spellbinders often came here to absorb the essence in order to strengthen themselves. I'm simply here to guard the Abyssal Lands. These Zaaras Spellbinders hate me and are always trying to kill me. They're oddly quiet these days. Are they plotting something? Please go to investigate for me.
- All right.(Start Quest)
- Leave them alone. (End dialog)

Fifth Herald


5th Herald at the Futan Altar part is around -456, 197
dont remember the NPCs name

one of the ghost in billows Foxero Lao i think it was

Sixth Herald


"Billows" -220 150(77)
Quest Stats

Level: 49+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Foxero Loa told me to come and ask you if you are ready to act as a representative of the Herald of Underworld.
- Of course.
Very good. This time you will act as the representative of Lord Byan, the sixth Herald of Underworld.
- Lord Byan?
He is in charge of the Wailing Hell in the north. It is vast, and has sixteen other hells within its borders. The criminals it punishes are people that committed crimes under the guise of doing good. Lord Byan is a strict and prestigious lord, and shows no mercy to those sly and sinful people. Some Infested Pincers and Ironshell Pincers came under the influence of a horrid fume and became evil. Go kill them and send them to the hell.
- Accept(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

Seventh Herald


"Billows" 278 248(63)
Require quests

Sixth Herald of Underworld
Quest Stats

Level: 53+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Damned Riptide Cutlasses, they've stolen my eye!
- Eye... ?
Sorry, it may scare you. One of my eyes has gone blind from the venom of the Black Eel. Elder Yang has made an Eye of Nether World for me, which can see through the Nether World.
- Really?
But Riptide Cutlass steals it. Could you get it back?
- Of course.(Start Quest)
- Maybe not (End dialog)

Eighth Herald


"Billows" 179 -274(127)
Require quests

Ten Heralds of Underworld ⑺
Quest Stats

Level: 57+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Heaven is the destiny, helping everybody in the world, blessing...
- I have no idea what you are saying...
Oh, you're here! Please tell me the rest of the words. I forgot how it went.
- How do I know the rest?
Oh, yes, I heard many Scriptures in Conversation Hall, please borrow one from Kevern.
- Which one?
It should be at the Cryptic Scripture.
- I'll go now.(Start Quest)
- I have no time now. (End dialog)

Ninth Herald

Guard Chenz

"Wildlands" -17 113(51)
Quest Stats

Level: 75+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Why won't my book work anymore? Does it need power to work? Can you help me?
- I'll give it a shot.
There Feral Abominations near Dragon Tail Crossing carry Brightetude Stones, which will provide me with the power to refresh my book. Can you do me a favor and get some for me?
- Of course.(Start Quest)
- Hmm, let me think carefully... No. (End dialog)

Tenth Herald

Li Qeez

"Wildlands" 173 153(45)
Require quests

Revenge for Family
Quest Stats

Level: 79+

Can't be found from search

Can't be redone

Who am I? Who on earth am I? Why do you look so familiar?
- It seems he doesn't have any more memory.
Do you remember going through the Ten Heralds of the Underworld?
- How did you know? The sound, you are not Li Qeez, who are you?
It's not important who I am. What is important is what I want you to handle. You've already been through nine Heralds but there is still one more: the Herald of Samsara Disk.
- You're... Herald of Samsara Disk?
The Herald of Samsara Disk's hall directly faces the Underworld. The Heralds judge every ghost and decide where ghosts will go to be reincarnated based on their sins and fortunes while living. No exceptions.
- Sir, what orders do you have for me?
The King of Samsara Disk dropped his Samsara Disk into this world while he was observing it through the Ghost Mirror. According to the investigation of the Herald of the Haunted, the Samsara Disk was picked up by the Sand Bandits. So, get back the Samsara Disk from the Sand Bandits.
- Accept(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

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Ten Heralds of the Underworld
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