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 Pet Star's

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PostSubject: Pet Star's   13/06/10, 07:49 am

A pet has alot of stats but most important is the ''Starsign''
The starsign means what its class is just like it means to be jadeon or modo etc.
Ill now name every class with their + and - sides

Solaris:Solaris is what you call the jack of all, master of non
averything is pretty balanced but also doesnt excell at anything(good pve based)

Luna:Luna is very similar to Solaris (jack of all) but he lost some def and hp for a bit more atk(stil a pretty save pve choice)

Auris:All the heavy hitter will like this, auris is the highest lifeshield bigest hp and high pdef but no atk at all
although he will get damadged by special atacks such as stun, sleep paralize etc.
(great pk shield)

Flowen:Flowen is abit similar to Auris,great hp pool and great def(although he has less then auris)and no atk at all
For the little loss of def and hp he has a good resistent against almost all special illness (only has low stun res.) (great pk shield)

Arboris: i would call this a pve tank, he has good hp and def, and his atk is average
but his accuracy and evasion is very low resulting in him missing alot and beying hit always. (pve tank)

Magmas:this is what you call the glass canon, he has the highest atk and accuracy, but also has a very low hp,def and accuracy.
This means the pet will do alot of damadge and almost always hits, but when he is hit himself he's dead.
This doesnt matter much in terms of pk because most folk will always go for you not your pet.
(full dmg pk choice, painfull pve leveling without wonzo fruit)

Terro: the same as magmas, although he lost abit atk in trade for bit more hp and def
(good for pk, hard to lvl pve wise but not as hard as magmas)

Nestun: Prob. the strangest class, its based on luck. lots hp/no def but high evasion
very high max atk, very low min atk. this means when its fighting sometimes it does great damadge sometimes nothing
sometimes he just can never be hit, sometimes hes a 4hit kill
(maybe a great evasion shield because of hp and great evasion stats)

Logi:This is the spellcaster, huge mp pool damadge is good but its hp is low
(it could be usefull for spamming enemys with skils but most pets dont realy have an issue with mp anyways)
(maybe good for pk-curse and buffer, not bad for pve)
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Pet Star's
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