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 Soul Level

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PostSubject: Soul Level   31/05/10, 04:44 am

To summarize:

* Use any gear that has soul level on it, meaning celestial, diety and etheral and get that to +3 or more if it isn't yet.

* Trade this gear with soul level on it and refinery +3 or more for a special item in southern border; the better the gear, the more of these items you will get.

* Trade these items for seals, the more items, the better the seals.

* Apply these seals. They will add spirit, evasion, attack and basically anything else you want to another blood bonded gear (Celestial, etheral or diety gear that has soul level and that you blood bonded in Southern Border), better seals means better stat bonus once applied to a weapon or piece of armor obviously.

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Soul Level
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