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 Mytic Stamp

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PostSubject: Mytic Stamp   02/05/10, 08:33 pm

After obtaining enough Mystic Stamps from Treasure Quests (Which you get at random), you may turn them in to one of three Genesis Seal NPC's in Jadeon (Chien, Kan, and Ken) for a 15 taichi pill reward, as well as a Genesis Orb from the respective Seal you turned the Mystic Stamps into. Once enough people have turned in Stamps to the Seal on the server, you may then proceed to summon a boss to which you can then kill to aquire rare drops.

The Baleful is a daily quest (hit your 'K' button in game to access) accessible by players of all levels.

It is also a source of confusion due to the multi-phase requirements needed to start and complete this Quest. But nonetheless, once you understand the basic mechanics of this daily you'd be wise to make it a part of your regular routine as the payoff is extremely generous (especially for you EXP hounds).

The Baleful....

After finishing the Treasure Hunt or Strike Order quests you may randomly receive a Mystic Stamp. If you received a Mystic Stamp....

Travel to the Crystal Hall in Jadeon and locate one of the three Genesis Seals - Ken, Kan or Chien:


To weaken the seals, use your Mystic Stamp:


Once placed on the Genesis Seal the Mystic STamp will be destroyed and you will receive 15 Taichi Pills and a Genesis Orb:


Once the quest has been completed a total of 100 times (combined total of all players on the server) any player possessing a fragment of the Genesis Seal may attempt to summon powerful Warsouls contained in the Genesis Seals.

Please note that each Genesis Seal is considered its own quest. For example, placing a Mystic Stamp on the Kan Genesis Seal will not count towards the total of the Chien Genesis Seal.

If successful, the summoner of the Warsouls will receive 200 Taichi Pills and 500 Affinity Beads.

Travel to the designated area in either the Kunlun Mountains (-334, -110)...
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Mytic Stamp
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