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 Guide on Assimilate for using Tawen Gem, Faction Gem and Esper Scroll. -

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PostSubject: Guide on Assimilate for using Tawen Gem, Faction Gem and Esper Scroll. -   25/04/10, 04:22 am

What is Tawen Gem?
Ingame Description Marketplace:
Resets the amount and types of skills from an Esper. Have a chance to change the Level of Esper skill.

Tawen Gem will randomly replace the Amount of Bonus Esper skill between 1 to 7 and the Level of Esper skill between 1 to 3.

Bonus Esper skill = the skill on you skill tree.
Level of Esper skill = the skill attached to that particular Esper.

What is Faction Gem?
Ardox Gem, Balas Gem, Mogu Gem, Vilsy Gem, Lunara Gem, Jadis Gem, Fozun Gem are all Faction Gems.
Ingame Description in Marketplace:
Changes an Esper's skills to random (insert faction) skills. Can only be used on neutral or (insert same faction as above) Esper.

What are Faction Gems for?
For Fraction Esper the bonus skills given are all that particular faction's.
For General Esper the bonus skills may be of another faction's thus we need to change the given faction skills into our faction skills.

Players can also use Faction Gem on their own faction Esper to get certain skills they prefer but it is randomly based on luck.

What is Esper Scroll?
Ingame Description: Esper Assimilation Medium. Has a chance to replace a random esper skill with (insert the scroll skill) skill.

It has a chance to replace any of the given esper bonus skill to the skill on this scroll. The chances of success is random just like refinery but if suceed, the skill u get is 100% the same skill as this scroll.

With Esper Scroll, we can choose the skill we prefer on our Esper, BUT it can also replace the current skill on our Esper that we wanted to keep.

How to get Esper Scroll?
Use 40 universal coins to exchange for Sercets of Gem or Mysteries of Gem by taking a quest from Jadeon stashkeeper Rubo.

1st quest taken will only need 40 coins for each item.
2nd quest will need 3 additional Sweet Lollipop for each item.
3rd quest will need 5 additional Sweet Lollipop for each item.

It is cap at 3 quest per day.

Tips: U dont have to get 3 quest per day, taking 1 of the quest every 3 days u will not need any Sweet Lollipop.

How to get Esper Skill Level 2 or 3 with Bonus Skill u prefered?

Step 1: Either level ur current esper to unlock it's bonus skill or polish it with a "Esper Polish".

Step 2: Use Tawen Gem to assimilate the esper till u get a Level 2 or 3 esper skill need not concern much about the amount of bonus skill given. 3 or 4 bonus skills is good enough, 2 skills are also not bad, 5 or more skills = GRATZ!!!

Step 3: Use Faction Gem to assimilate the esper till u get 1 or 2 skill on the esper that u perfered. Stop, don't be too greedy cos u can never get all above tier 4 skills on an Esper with any of the above 2 methods.

Step 4: Use Esper Scroll to assimilate the esper and pray hard...
1. It succeed.
2. It doesn't replace the skill u wanted to keep.

The End and Good Luck in messing with ur Esper.
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Guide on Assimilate for using Tawen Gem, Faction Gem and Esper Scroll. -
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