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 Hero Scrolls

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PostSubject: Hero Scrolls   05/04/10, 08:31 pm

All Hero Scroll quests work like this: after you start the quest and you click the scroll, MAKE SURE YOU READ the info provided in the pop up; if you don't, you'll have to visit all NPC in town to find out where you were requested to go - because only after doing that part of the quest, that NPC will give you the scroll so you'd be able to continue. So each time you right-click the scroll read carefully all the info. I don't know how the quest goes for all factions, but for Vim, it like this: give a certain piece of armor/weapon to a NPC -> inspect a certain location -> ask the physician to make some pills for the faction -> gather some materials (mob drops) - > kill a certain type of mob -> reward

Just keep doing what the scrolls tell you to do, there are 5 or 6 quests you end up doing. You know you are done when the pop up says there are no more inscriptions and the item you get is a Red Silver or Gold Hero scroll(depending on which quest you took with the herald) once you have completed all the quests, return to the herald and you can trade the hero scroll in for an esper tome. I am assuming it is the tome that corsponds with the faction of the herald you used, and yes you can do a herald not of your faction if your honor in that faction is high enough. Reason you would want a tome from a different faction? I have seen two reasons, 1 sell, 2 you can get crafting reciepes that allow you to make esper mediums, and the ones i have require the tome and accessory of certain factions.
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Hero Scrolls
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