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 Candy collector

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PostSubject: Candy collector   02/04/10, 10:34 pm

Ok.. first of all u need (to be safe) 6 Magic Lollipop.or 6 Tigeren Crytsal (Tiger Ice)
If u dont have it, u can buy it in Traiding Realm (both) or Cash Shop (Marketplace) only the Tigeren Crystal (Tiger Ice).
Look whats the cheapest
Ok.. if u got Tigeren Crystal (Tiger Ice) *Tiger Ice u have to activate with right click*
U can trade it at Tonni in Sunstream into Magic Lollipops.

nd another one befor u start the Quest.

Accept the Quest *Gangsta Conquerer* from Stashkeeper in Jadeon.
That Quest order u to bring something like Mithil Copper or whatever
All this Items are Esper-Bloodsmelth-Mediums.
U can also trade it at Tonni in Sunstream with Treasure Bowl or Spirit Dust.
But dont finish the Quest right now, only get the right Medium in ur Bag.
Cause u only need the Weapon for the last Part and this Weapon is Time Limited.

Ok, so if u now have the 6 Magic Lollipop and the Medium for the Weapon Quest in ur Bag
Ure ready and can start
Here we go!

Part 1:
Talk to the little Guy in Jadeon (Afu) next to the Teleporter (Skylord)
If we have Questtime (Friday), he will have a green Flag over his Head!

Accept the Candy Collector EVENT Quest (other one ignore in this Part).
Now u have to visit the Tonfu Brothers in The Cave of Fangs in Jadeon.

First u have to run the whole Cave to talk with the Tonfu Brother NPC on the other Side of the Cave. He send u back to the entrance of the Cave to talk to the other Tonfu Brother.
*yeah funny, I know*
and cause it was soo nice u have to do it again!

If u talked to the entrance Tonfu Brother NPC u again have to run the whole Cave
to talk again with this NPC on the End of the Cave
(now u can use Town Portal *if its not in Cooldown*)
And after this again u have to go back, to talk to the NPC on the entrance of the Cave.
He send u back to Afu in Jadeon.
Part 1 finish *woohoo*

nd no, autroute dosnt work into the Cave

Hint: If u next to the Lake.. pass him on the left Side.... more left...
ok little bit more left... more left.. ok.. thats enough *lol
No really.. left Side, cause in the middle of the Lake are Questmobs
(Dark-Red) and they Stun like Hell.
So be carefull and use left side of the Lake!!

Note: I do it this way.
Befor I enter the Cave I activate 1 Portal Charm, (just to be faster cause no Mount)
So I run the whole cave, talk to him, use the portal charm and i am outside in front of the Cave, I enter again, talk to the first NPC, run to the End of the Cave, talk again to this NPC
Use the Town Portal, enter the Cave again, talk to the first NPC, Done

Part 2:
Talk to Afu and now he want 5 of ur 6 Magic Lollipops *impudent Boy eh *
After this he send u to Issa (u can use autoroute) talk to Issa and visit after this
the Stashkeeper in Jadeon and u will get 2 Items in ur Bag.
2 Duck Eggs OR 2 Chicken Eggs, if u got this Items, go to Blade Manor
and u will found Duck Nest and Chicken Nest
if u got Duck Eggs, u ONLY can collect the Duck Nest (2 times)
if u got Chicken Eggs u ONLY can collect Chicken Nest (2 times)
BUT BE CAREFUL the Rabid Hound walks around this Area now to protect the Nests.

If he catch u, he will kill u in 1 sec.
But dont worry, u WONT lose EXP if u die
(be sure that u DONT have Puppet Protector with u, cause if he kill u, u will lose it!!!!)
soo.. if u got ur Cocked Duck/Cocked Chicken u can go back to Jadeon Town.
If u do this Quest in Party, there is a big Chance that u all get different Eggs..
And u can trade Duck for Chicken with the Party-member, cause u need 1 Cocked Duck and 1 Cocked Chicken to finish this Part.
But if not (maybe cause u do this Quest alone or all got only Duck/Chicken)
U can go to Afu and accept the other Quest from him and choose what u need
Duck or Chicken, he will trade it for ur last Magic Lollipop.
Thats why u need the 6. Magic Lollipop, but if u dont need it,
Put it in ur Stash and safe it for next Friday

NOW also finish the *Gangsta Conquerer* Quest from Stashkeeper to get the Weapon.
Part 2 finish *yeah*

Part 3:
If u got the Weapon in ur Bag (Gangster Memory) go to Issa and talk to her.
She will send u to Dark Bamboo Grove to kill 20 Millenium Bamboo
U will found this Bamboo in the East of Dark Bamboo Grove.
*To save Spirit change ur Esper Settings to *Disable Skills* cause u only do 1 damage on the Trees, with Skills or without Skill, just 1 damage
and *Attack Quesst-Monsters only* cause Bees around there, also summon ur Pet
it will help u*

In this Time u kill the Bamboo, take the Weapon on and click R, u will found a new Skill.
Put this Skill in ur Taskbar u will need it on the next step.

After u killed the 20 Trees visit NPC Hidi (u can autoroute)
Talk to her and now u have to kill Learned Ruffian, hes next to Hidis House.
Only attack him with normal Hit (cause the same like Bamboo, just 1 Damage)
AND your NEW Skill, i know, long Cooldown, but still with this Skill
U can kill him fast!
If hes dead, talk to Hidi again and go back to Stashkeeper in Jadeon.
Talk to him and FINSIH.

U will get 200 Universal Coins as reward now.
3.and last Part finish *Strike*

Congratulation, u finished the Candy Collector Event
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Candy collector
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