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 Wind Fairy Flying/Temporary Skyblade

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PostSubject: Wind Fairy Flying/Temporary Skyblade   25/03/10, 06:16 pm

A note: The Improved Simulacra skyblade only lasts 3 days. However, this quest is repeatable once per week.

To do this quest, you need to:
a) Be a female with a male friend who has a skyblade
b) Have level 3 Charge (a skill)

Your goal is to reach the top of the Pavillion between the Skylord and the Matchmaker.

If you're a female, you can ask a male with a skyblade to carry you to the top. If that's not an option for you however, you need to manually make your way up there.

1) In Sunstream, look to the right of the Blacksmith. You should see some bags under a tent. Step onto those and use Charge to get onto the roof.

2) Keep heading straight until you reach the corner house roof.

3) Turn left and use charge to get onto the first level of the Pavillion.

4) (This part's tricky) Stand sort of close to the edge of the roof. Than, quickly turn around and use Charge while still moving. Eventually, you'll make it to the top level. This may take several tries.

If u r still havin trouble u can just set a portal charm and cheat to get up there the much easier method lol
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Wind Fairy Flying/Temporary Skyblade
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