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 Vanguards/Nura's Gift

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PostSubject: Vanguards/Nura's Gift   25/03/10, 06:04 pm

In brief:

Treasure hunt event from skydweller. Gonna need a skyblade and at least 30 spots in your bag, and if you are doing it solo lots of pots and time. Each round will get you a gold reward depending on the level. For example, lvl 90-105 vg quest in inc valley gets you 10 g per run.

Celestial trial from guardian saith in jadeon. Kill 28 vanguards. You must make the most damage for the kill to count. After which the reward is a random pet item like an xp item for pet or a specialty potion

Nuras gift event from nura. Kill 10 vanguards to receive a random eera herb or dragon fang prior to lvl 105. The at lvl 105+ its a guaranteed dragon fang herb every time.

With all of the above excluding celestial trail, its best to do these with a group
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Vanguards/Nura's Gift
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