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 Tonni's Tokens

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PostSubject: Tonni's Tokens   25/03/10, 05:53 pm

Well I made the test of predestined love from tonni's and It's simple great
each time you make this steps you'll gain around 22300 exp per token, and tonni gives you 20 token what makes a total around of 445500 exp

Ok these are the male steps
1- Create a party with a female member (the party leader must be the man either way it won't work)
2- Talk to tonni and you'll recieve 20 tokens
3- Go and talk with eldest matchmaker and make the test for mutual something
4- Since here you have to do the next steps in less than 5 minutes, so take in mind the fact your party member must be near/in sunstream.
5- Recieve the sincerity lock from you partner
6- Go and talk with Meri Koon
7- Answer the option C
8- Talk to him again and select the blue key
9- Go and talk with Eldest Matchmaker again, the quest will end and you'll recieve around 22300 exp.

Repeat the process 19 more times and have fun

Here are the female steps:

1- Go to talk to tonni and select the predestined love quest
2- Go to akane and wait 'till your partner make the step 3 from above
3- Talk to akane and choose the B option
4- Talk to akane again and choose the blue lock (sincere lock)
5- Give the sincere lock to your partner
6- Wait for your partner to start the quest again and repeat the previous steps 19 more times and have fun

Remember the amt of exp is relative to ur lvls
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Tonni's Tokens
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